Our lines are our concept

Washbasins with perfectly coordinated accessories - this is what makes the EXOS. series of models by KWC Professional stand out. Depending on the interior design and colour concept, you have the choice between different fronts for the soap dispenser, paper towel dispenser, toilet roll holder, hand dryer and waste bin as well as a wide range of washbasin models.


Washing, shower and flushing fittings in the AQUA product line save water, are convenient and easy to use. The robust and heavy-duty range of fittings with an automatic water stop or with touch-free function are particularly suitable for highly frequented sanitary facilities and are impressive with their innovative technology and long service life.


Washbasins and drinking fountains in the ANIMA product line prove to be particularly suitable where maximum wear and demanding specifications are required on a daily basis. This is particularly the case in public and commercial sanitary facilities.


Public toilets at motorway service stations, railway stations and in sports stadiums require a high degree of protection against vandalism. CAMPUS WC's and urinals meet this requirement. Stainless steel products are noted for being highly durable and well-designed.


Easy and convenient bathroom use has long since outgrown the niche of wheelchair accessible construction. CONTINA grab rails made of non-slip stainless steel ultimately make it easier for everyone to use the facilities. Individual requests are met through custom products.


The timeless design of RODAN stainless steel fixtures with their angular side profiles lends itself to the contemporary decor of heavily frequented washrooms. With these accessories planners and users can create an economically efficient, esthetic design for customized washrooms.


The cool elegance of stainless steel is dominant in many contemporary washroom designs. The RONDO series of washbasins reflects this design approach. A selection of basins to be installed from above and single washbasins for wall mounting allow all design requests to be met.


The SATURN line offers a range of attractive multiple washbasins for washrooms and public toilets which meet the functional requirements of industry, commerce, trade and industry, but are also suitable for clinics, nursing institutions, schools, sports facilities, universities and government authorities. Customer-specific solutions can also be implemented with the specialist expertise of Franke.


The SIRIUS product line consists of various multi-purpose basins which are suitable for industrial and commercial businesses, laboratories, retailers and for the food processing industry.


Due to the INOXPlus surface finish, the XINOX accessories for sanitary facilities always stay clean and unblemished. Nanoparticles mesh with the molecules of the surface. The resulting extremely fine structure makes fingerprints almost invisible. XINOX by Franke is made of high quality, brushed chromium nickel steel.


The front surfaces of STRATOS products with their unique curved design are finished with proven InoxPlus technology. In this process, nano-particles interlock with the molecules of the metal surface and nestle closely up against microscopic imperfections. The resulting extremely fine structure makes fingerprints almost invisible. This allows the sanitary facilities to remain clean for longer, making cleaning much easier.