AQUA 3000 open - water management

The AQUA 3000 open water management system is successful in coordinating sanitary technology throughout the building with central and hygienic control of the entire supply of water. The two levels of our system sub-divided into taps technology and a network.


Networking fittings intelligently - Managing water efficiently

The requirements of sanitary facilities in highly frequented and safety-relevant areas are continuously growing. The AQUA 3000 open water management system sets modern benchmarks with regards to system security, economy, user-friendliness and hygiene.

The system can be individually programmed and can be expanded as required. Water quantities, water hygiene flushes, thermal disinfections and their temperature limit values can be individually set and monitored for each room and even for each individual fitting. Malfunctions are detected immediately and reported by the system. In addition to that, efficient water heating reduces energy consumption.

The water management system is systematically sub-divided into two levels - taps and network - which can communicate with one another using various data protocols. The most important water supply functions are controlled at the taps level. With the ECC2 (ECC = Ethernet-CAN-Coupler) functional controller and the integrated WEB-Server, additional functions ranging up to GLT connections are available at a network level.

Optional expansion options are available with two different additional modules: I/O module with digital inputs and outputs for downstream controllers and GSM module for mobile remote maintenance.

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AQUA 3000 open

Smart building: managing water in a mobile and efficient way