Innovative fittings technology for hygienic shower facilities

Innovative fittings technology characterises the KWC Professional product range for economical, hygienic and comfortable shower facilities.

Here it is not just a matter of allowing water to flow reliably in heavy-traffic areas. User comfort as well as user and hygiene safety, with subjects such as thermal disinfection and protection from scalding gaining attention when planning the building.

The range of products on offer provides the suitable fittings solution for every scope of application: Hydraulically controlled fittings with an automatic water stop for pre-mixed water, with individual temperature selection option or in the comfort version with a thermostat right up to electronic fittings with a piezo button or an opto-sensor.

Limescale-resistant showerheads, shower trays and wheelchair accessible fixtures elements complete the product solutions on offer for furnishing an hygienic, economic and comfortable shower room.

Especially for sports facilities in schools, for camping sites and swimming pools, operators can benefit from the use of a pay-as-you-go supply of water. This way, operating the shower systems becomes more economical, conserves valuable water and energy resources and makes calculations easier. The AQUAPAY system for a pay-as-you-go supply of water was developed for connection to the in-house AQUA 3000 open water management system.