Tap technology for washing facilities

In washing facilities which are highly frequented by different users, product solutions are required which prevent water wastage, deficient hygiene and vandalism. Self-closing and electronic taps meet these requirements. Their automatic function, which means that the tap does not need to be touched at all or at least not after the hands are washed, ensures optimal hand hygiene and helps avoid wasting water and energy. Taps with options for water hygiene flushing and thermal disinfection also ensure perfect drinking water quality at the hand washbasin.

Self-closing taps

Self-closing taps are ideal for sanitation areas with high-frequency utilisation , thanks to their intuitive operation and economical water consumption. 

All F5S self-closing taps are equipped with the brand-new, innovative ceramic cartridge. As usual, the water flow is activated by the pressure on the handle cap. After the hands are washed, the water flow stops after the preset flow duration without any further contact with the tap.

For the F3S taps the water control proceeds in accordance with the proven, piston-free self-closing function principle. Already in use millions of times over, this highly durable and self-cleaning function cartridge guarantees a long service life.

Electronic taps

In public and commercial facilities, electronic taps ensure high user convenience and hygiene. The supply of water from the taps is regulated by opto-electronic sensors that require no contact whatsoever. Water flows only when it is actually required. Functions integrated in the control, such as the option of sanitary flushing to avoid stagnating water, safeguard the hygiene of drinking water.

Single-lever mixer with hygiene options

Single-lever mixers with thermostatic anti-scald protection offer all the hygiene and safety options for perfect drinking water in the building, combined with high comfort. Thanks to the possibility of combination with optional hygiene units, automatic water hygiene flushing can be implemented with these unique single lever mixers.