Invigorating shower experiences

In tip-top shape with KWC Professional - sustainability, clean lines and economic efficiency for professional shower rooms

Relaxing after sporting activities with pleasantly warm water on the skin or taking a cold shower for refreshment - everyone has different requirements when it comesto an invigorating shower experience. No matter how individual the requirements, products from KWC Professional allow you to meet every user's needs. State-of-the-art tap technology helps you economically, hygienically and at the same time conveniently equip many different shower rooms, from gyms to indoor swimming pools and sports halls.

Products in the rooms:
F5L-Therm shower panels made of MIRANIT
RONDA double washbasin made of MIRANIT
F5L-Therm thermostatic single lever mixer
RODAN stainless steel accessories
F5E-Therm electronic thermostatic mixer for in-wall installation
Shower head MUENCHEN


Clarity in material, form and use

On your marks, water, go! Swimming is enjoyed by many people as an all-round sport, whether it's alone, with the entire family or in a swimming club. Users and operators of public swimming pools can rely on economical, yet convenient product solutions for sanitary facilities without a high consumption of water or energy. KWC Professional's anti-vandalism and easy-to-clean sanitary fittings are well-equipped to meet the challenge of an often high onslaught of anonymous leisure activists.

Products in the rooms:
F5 hair dryer with height adjustment
F5S-Mix shower panels
QUADRO multiple washbasin made of MIRANIT
F5S-Mix self-closing pillar mixer
STRATOS stainless steel accessories
F5S-Therm self-closing thermostatic mixer for in-wall installation
Shower head AQUAJET-Slimline
EXOS. washbasins and accessories

Simple function. Modern appearance.

The creative quality of modern architecture provides the ideal space for various vibrant activities. Sturdy, durable and functional products are in demand in schools and sports halls. This does not mean that a sophisticated, yet timeless design is out of the question.

Products in the rooms:
SMARTWAVE shower panel
VARIUS-O multiple washbasin made of MIRANIT
F3S-Mix self-closing pillar mixer
RODAN stainless steel accessories
PROTRONIC-S electronic tap for washbasin
AQUA 3000 open-compatible shower fittings


Absolute perfection in any situation

Invigorating shower experiences