Industrial washroom solutions

Industrial production

Physical stress is part of many people‘s everyday work in industry and trade, convenient hand and body washing facilities provide welcome refreshment before heading home. Flexible, safe and user-friendly sanitary solutions are what is needed here. Functionality, water-conserving and energy-conserving products, low maintenance and servicing expenditures, as well as cleanliness and good cleaning characteristics are key decision criteria.

Products in the room:
FUTURA exklusiv row of washbasins made of  MIRANIT
Fitting units with F5L-Therm thermostatic single lever mixers
F5S-Therm shower fittings combined with AQUAJET-Slimline shower heads
PLANOX washtroughs

Food processing industry

For washing your hands between activities, rinsing or filling bowls, pots and other utensils – when working with food processing on a daily basis, continuous hygiene for employees and their equipment is an obvious requirement. Functionality, material selection and easy cleaning are essential for equipment in the food processing industry in order to guarantee the continuous high quality of the food being produced.

Products in the room:
ANIMA washbasin made of stainless steel
STRATOS accessories
F5E-Therm electronic in-wall mixer
MAXIMA commercial sink
F5E-Therm electronic wall-mounted mixer
SIRIUS washtrough
F5L-Therm thermostatic single lever mixer for wall mounting

Chemical industry

It is impossible to picture the modern world of work without clean, hygienic, comfortable washrooms. Attractive and robust sanitary systems for a range of applications are as much a part of any business as state-of-the-art industrial production technology. In this respect, parameters such as easy maintenance and care, energy efficiency, and comfort and convenience play a decisive role when selecting products.

Products in the rooms:
F5L-Therm thermostatic single lever wall-mounted mixer
RODAN stainless steel accessories
SIRIUS utility sinks and washtrough
SIRIUS shoe- and boot-cleaning unit
PLANOX washtroughs
F3S-Mix self-closing wall-mounted mixer


Industrial washroom solutions

Long-lasting, functional sanitary fittings