Franke Opto-Elektronik

Opto-electronic Control: one for all

From the Stand-alone Tap to the Water Management System

We have developed a uniform electronic assembly for the opto-electronically controlled F3 and F5 taps which can be programmed with various functions and control options, depending on the application.

These electronics enable, for example, automatic and individually adjustable water hygiene flushing in combination with hygiene units and the starting of thermal disinfection programs for ensuring drinking water hygiene. A new bidirectional remote control is optionally available for setting the respective function parameters and for extracting the statistics data. Thanks to its readily legible display and its user-friendly operability, it facilitates the control of the taps and the evaluation of the utilisation data. With the aid of this optional remote control, the operator can also switch between two different operating modes as needed.

The "Power on" – flushing function cleans the sanitary appliances after battery replacement or a possible power failure. A separate remote control is available in the accessories program exclusively for deactivation of cleaning.  

Franke Opto-Elektronik

The opto-electronic F3 taps are equipped with a sensor range of up to 300 mm and enable automatic water hygiene flushing and the saving and extraction of statistics data.

The sensor of the high-quality F5 taps offers a range of up to 700 mm and can be switched from time control to body activation with the aid of the bidirectional remote control. This sensor setting is particularly useful in clinical and hygienic environments and for shower applications. This setting can be restored via remote control at any time as needed.

An additional advantage of the F5 taps is their optional integration in the AQUA 3000 open water management system with the aid of the necessary accessories from our product line.