Franke Systembox

System box with patented sliding adhesive flange

Optimised in-wall installation concept for highly-resistant secure building sealing

We present a particularly high-performance installation accessory for practical, time-saving and at the same time secure mounting of panel installation fittings – the sliding adhesive flange, recently protected by the European Patent Office (EPO). The connection element is part of the F5 line mounting material set, which is produced for the installation of washbasin and shower systems and supplied with a specially developed system box.

The system box consists of a high-quality, double-walled housing which is the same for all taps. The appropriate product-specific screw connections and flush connectors are included. Both the selection of materials installed and the design details follow the highest demands in terms of safety, durability, and functionality. In addition to high quality standards, practicality also takes centre stage for leading companies when it comes to our system solutions. With just a few easy installation steps, assembly effort and time can be reduced.

For in-wall installation with a sliding adhesive flange, first of all, the outer housing wall of the system box is cut to length. The frame can then be pushed over the unfinished module, and the groove between the two housing walls can be closed precisely using the profile seal. The continuously adjustable collar seal is attached to a 70 mm wide, heat, wear, and fatigue-resistant plastic fleece, that can be affixed to the uncovered wall in both a dry or wet construction version. After attaching the fleece, the inner housing wall is also cut to size. 


The profile seal material is based on a flexible thermoplastic elastomer, that has optimum properties for the intended use. The plastic has a high ability to resist influences that may damage the material, such as alkaline solutions. It exhibits excellent long-term elasticity, resists cracks, and is absolutely watertight.

With the system box, we combine an intelligent mounting principle with excellent material quality: developed for easy installation, safe operation, and a constantly comfortable atmosphere, in a modern wash and shower room. The patented sliding adhesive flange is also optionally available as an additional equipment component, for the F3 line of taps.